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  In 1936, Nat Falk opened a men’s clothing store on the Main St. of Ware. He ran the men’s clothing store along with his wife Tillie. It was a time of flourishing Main Street businesses with dozens lining the street. In 1948 Jozeph Lask moved to Ware after surviving the horrors of Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the Warsaw Ghetto before that. He came to Ware speaking broken English but was quickly taught English by the nuns at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Joe began working for Nat shortly thereafter and became a partner in the mid 1960s. After Nat’s passing in 1977, Joe bought out Tillie Falk to become the sole owner.


In 1983 Charlie Lask came to work for his father Joe. In 1989 Charlie bought the business from Joe as he retired. After many years of searching Charlie found Judy Fair to complete their current sales team along with Charlie’s wife Diana. The Main St. of Ware is no longer the central shopping location of the Pioneer Valley, but Nat Falk’s is still going strong because of the best service around as well as great prices and selection. The world has changed since 1936 but great service at Nat Falk’s Men’s Store hasn’t..


Now, Nat Falk is the last original retail store left on the Main Street.  The reason for the long lasting success is our customer service, low prices, and huge selection.  We carry a large selection of brands and sizes, even big and tall.  We do free alterations and tailoring for pants and suits.  Nat Falk has been selling boy scout apparel since 1936.  Working men love our store because we carry all the brands they love like Carhartt at discounted prices.  

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